The Enviro Range from MC Labs

Car polish Gauteng Car shampoo, Industrial, Household cleaning

MCLabs also supply the Enviro range, covering general commercial cleaning and polishing requirements, hand washing, toilet and washroom cleaning and catering, washing and degreasing duties. All comply with current EU regulations and WEIR, (the Wright Environmental Impact Rating), which assesses the overall environmental impact, taking into account the formulation, manufacture, use and disposal of each product – meaning all are classified as having a low environmental impact rating.

The Enviro cleaning products have each been formulated to ensure any impact is kept to an absolute minimum, and have been designed to comply with all current EU regulations concerning biodegradability and the preservation of the environment.

The impact rating is determined using the following 7 criteria:

1. The raw materials used.
2. Risk of release to the environment.
3. Environmental hazard classification.
4. Water usage in the product.
5. Impact of product usage.
6. pH – acidity or alkalinity.
7. Impact of energy used to prepare & manufacture the product.

Each product is measured according to these criteria to produce a rating. The lower the overall rating, the lower the impact it has on the environment.