Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

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Alubrite – for Aluminium & Stainless Steel

  • A product specially formulated for the removal of oxides and brightening of aluminium.
  • It contains a mixture of surfactants, complexing agents, and strong inorganic acids.

HF Alubrite

Anti Freeze Concentrate 96%

  • Antifreeze and summer coolant with corrosion inhibitors that protect your engine.
  • Various dilutions available.

Hand Cleaner Paste- Grit

  • A paste hand cleaner that contains specially selected abrasives that are soft on the hands, yet remove grease and grime easily.

Degreaser Specialised

  • A degreaser, specially developed with some of the best raw materials on offer.
  • Developed to clean and degrease on low dilution ratios.

Eco Degreaser HD RED

  • An economical medium duty degreaser

Heavy Duty Degreaser High pH. Econo Pink

  • A heavy-duty, concentrated degreaser & cleaner.

HD Degreaser – Heavy Duty concentrated

  • A heavy-duty, highly concentrated degreaser & cleaner

NR Solvent Degreaser

  • A heavy-duty, solvent based degreaser, tar & vinyl glue remover.

Truck Shampoo

  • A heavy-duty, thick shampoo for removal of road film, oily deposits and other soils from truck surfaces.

Window De-Scaler

  • Descaling of wash bay windows, or windows where hard water stains are visible.