Car Exterior Products


Auto Spot Cleaner

  • A light duty cost effective all purpose cleaner & degreaser

Bumper Black

  • For the treatment & Revival of faded black bumpers & exterior trimmings

Chassis Black (Water Based)

  • For the painting of under-bodies of vehicles or onto tyres for a matt black finish.
  • It can be sprayed on or painted with a brush.
  • The product dries quickly to produce a durable, water resistant, matt finish.
  • Over-spray can be removed with water.
  • The product is Non-flammable.
  • The brush can be cleaned with water

Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser – Alkaline

  • Can be used for cleaning and degreasing a multitude of surfaces


  • For removal of protective wax coatings on newly shipped vehicles

Engine Cleaner (Solvent based)

  • For removing all oil, tar and grease from engines and all other soiled items, or painted surfaces.
  • The product is used neat.
  • The oil/grease is simply dissolved in the liquid by immersion or agitation with a brush or cloth.
  • The engine cleaner and grease can then simply be rinsed off with water or with a steam/pressure cleaning machine.

Engine Cleaner (Waterbased) Strong

  • A heavy-duty waterbased engine cleaner

Tar Remover

  • For the removal of tar and oil based stains from all types of automotive paint finishes (including metallic colours)
  • This product must be used neat with a soft cloth, applied to the stain and gently buffed until the stain is dissolved.
  • The product will not damage any automotive finish.
  • It contains no acetate thinners nor acetone.