Car Interior Products


Auto Gloss – Economy Dash polish

  • A cost effective polish for the polishing and protection of all interior and exterior plastic parts

Dashboard Polish – Milky Liquid

  • For the polishing and protection of all interior and exterior plastic parts, including rubber trims, bumpers, panels and dashboards.
  • It is also used on engine covers.

Dashboard Polish – Thick

  • This product is the thick version of the dashboard polish.
  • Its main advantage is that it is more effective and economical to use by not causing dripping and spillage

Leather Cleaner

  • A Powerful yet safe cleaner for leather and vinyl

Leather Conditioner cream

  • A light orange cream with a pleasant fragrance.
  • It contains a blend of lanolin oils (wool grease) and other emollients which gently cleans and nourishes all leather seats and upholstery.
  • It is not an aggressive cleaner.
  • Stubborn stains should be carefully removed with leather cleaner upholstery shampoo.

Ultimate 4in1 Leather Treatment *Premium*

  • Uv protection, sheen shine, super moisturising & mild cleaning for newer leather where a matt shine is required

Perfumes | Cherry, Lavander, Floral, Nucar, Apple

  • The product provides a pleasant fragrance to the interior of the vehicle after the cleaning process is completed.
  • It helps to eliminate unwanted odours from the vehicle and can be sprayed into the ashtray or under the seats and onto the carpets.

Quick Dry Upholstery & Carpet Shampoo

  • Specially formulated for the cleaning of carpets, and fabric upholstery.
  • The product employs mild yet effective cleaning agents which leave the materials cleaned tack free.
  • If the product is not over diluted in use, it will demonstrate a quick-drying effect.
  • Suitable for both hand and machine use.

Window Cleaner

  • For the effective cleaning of glass surfaces, both automotive and normal float glass in or around the home.
  • The product easily removes all grease, oil and road film, to leave a clean streak-free surface.
  • This product is very low-foaming.