Household and Contract Cleaning Range

Car polish Gauteng Car shampoo, Industrial, Household cleaning

Bleach (Jik Type)

  • A concentrated liquid chlorine bleach

Bubble Bath

  • A high foaming mild bubble bath with a fresh scent

Deo Blocks

  • Multi coloured urinal blocks

Dispenser Hand Soap Pink

  • Is a hand cleaner formulated for use in dispenser units.
  • It has a high moisturizing content, leaving the skin smooth and supple.

Drain Cleaner

  • High PH caustic drain cleaning & deodorising liquid

Dribrite Floor Shine

  • Dri-Brite is acrylic polymer and resin sealer for vinyl, concrete & tile surfaces to provide a durable shine.

Fabric Softner (Comfort type)

  • Concentrated fabric softener, that softens fabric, improves iron glide and does not cause yellow discolouration

Floor Shine High Traffic

  • A high traffic acrylic floor sealer and shine

Floor Stripper

  • Formulated for stripping floors treated with Dribrite floor sealer

Furniture polish

  • For shining wood and plastic surfaces

Hard Surface Cleaner (Handy Andy Type)

  • An abrasive cleaner used on stainless steel & ceramic materials, baths, basins & all hard surfaces

Laundry Liquid (Omo Auto type)

  • For all fibres with Anti-static behaviour and improved surfactant solublility.
  • Assists in colour protection.
  • Enhanced stain removal.

Metal polish

  • For polishing of Chrome, alluminium, silver, brass, copper, and stainless steel

Mop & Shine

  • Tile cleaner | A liquid detergent formulated with special waxes to aid in shine and give non-slip characteristics

Pine gel

  • A disinfectant cleaner based on pine oil which is a great natural disinfectant

Shower Gel

  • A mild, freshly scented shower gel for hair and body.

Sulphuric Acid – Drain Cleaner

  • Dissolves grease, hair, rags, sludge, soap, paper and organic obstructions.

Spray & Buff – floor

  • A blend of wax polymers for anti slip and shine

Toilet bowl Cleaner

  • Used in urinals and toilets where stains are present

Thick Bleach (Domestos Type)

  • A concentrated chlorine bleach based soap disinfectant & cleaner

Oxy O2 (Vanish Type)

  • An oxygen bleach powder cleaner and spot remover for laundry

Washing Powder Bio Ultra (Bio classic Type)

  • For use in automatic-open top – hand wash. Economical concentrated and medium foaming

Wash-up Liquid (Green)

  • Concentrated dish washing-up liquid detergent.


Hand Sterile sanitiser

  • A 70% Ethanol Alcohol based hand sanitiser Liquid or Gel


  • A QAC based surface sanitiser


  • Sponge Brick
  • Spray Bottle 750ml & Spray Head
  • Spray Trigger Head
  • T Shirt cut-offs Rags 5kg
  • Refuse bags 30micron 20’s
  • Toilet Paper Virgin 1 Ply 48’s
  • Toilet Paper Virgin 2 Ply 48’s
  • Micro Fibre 400x400mm Thick,Quality-6 pack
  • Cotton (100%) cut-off Green linen rags per Kg