Car Care Tips

Car Care with products from MC laboratories

Taking care of your car’s appearance with products from MC laboratories.


Frequently washing your car helps preserve your car’s exterior appearance. Dirt and grit can scratch the paint, while tree sap, acid rain and bird droppings can permanently ruin the exterior finish. Move your car into shade and let the exterior cool down before you start washing your car. If the surface of the car is hot, it causes uneven drying, water spots and streaking of the exterior surface.

  • Rinse the car thoroughly with cool water to remove lose dirt.
  • Fill a bucket with cool water. Mix in a mild detergent such as a shampoo from MC Laboratories which is a product made especially for the washing of your car.
  • Wash the car, using the water and detergent solution and a soft-bristle brush, sponge or soft cloth. Start at the top and work your way down. Rinse frequently.
  • Check the body for road tar, tree sap, etc. Remove these stains with Tar Remover.
  • Rinse it off immediately to complete the cleaning process. Remember to wax these areas, even if the rest of the car does not need waxing.
  • When you have washed and rinsed the whole exterior, dry it with a chamois or soft towel. Letting it air dry will cause dulling and water spots.
  • As you dry your car, inspect it for chips and scratches that could allow corrosion to start. Repair them with touch-up paint.
Polishing and Waxing of your vehicle and the different purposes of each.

  • Polishes: Polishes can restore the shine to paint that has been oxidised and lost some of its shine. The polishes contain mild abrasives and solvents that remove the top oxidised layer of the finish. You should use a polish on your car if the finish does not have its original shine. Before waxing your car, use the Burnishing Cream or High-cut Polish for more oxidised paint and Medium-cut Polish for normal polishing.
  • Waxes: A wax, coats the finish of your car and protects it from damage by exposure to sunlight, air pollution, bird droppings, etc. It is also recommended that you should especially use a wax on a new car to protect the finish of the car right from the start. Dura polish is a wax-glaze that gives a long lasting protection (at least 6 months) to the finish of your car.
  • Always wash and dry the whole car before waxing it. You should wax your car, including the metal trim, whenever water sits on the surface in large patches. Water should form into beads or droplets after waxing.
  • Cleaning tar, insects, etc. with tar removers or concentrated cleaners also takes off the wax. Remember to wax those areas, even if the rest of the car does not need waxing.
  • Aluminium Wheels. Clean your car’s aluminium alloy wheels as you do the rest of your exterior. Wash them with the same solution and rinse them thoroughly. If needed be they can further be cleaned with Mag Wheel Cleaner. Do not let this product dry on the aluminium but rinse it off immediately with water. Tyre Treatment. Tyres should be washed with a brush and soap. Afterwards it can be treated with Tyre Self Shine for a matt “sheen” shine, Chassis Black for a black finish or Dashboard Polish for a more glossy finish to the tyre.
  • Corrosion Protection. Use a high-pressure spray to clean the underside of your car. This is especially important in humid climates and areas subject to salt air from the sea. Spray on Chassis Black to the underside and wheel arches as a corrosion protection.
  • Carpeting and Fabric Upholstery. Vacuum the carpet frequently to remove dirt and dust. Ground-in dirt will make the carpet wear out faster. Periodically shampoo the carpet and fabric with a foam carpet cleaner such as Quick Dry Upholstery Shampoo to keep it looking new. Brush on the foam to loosen the grime and vacuum the carpet or fabric to lift out the dirt.
  • Vinyl. Remove dirt and dust with a vacuum cleaner. Wipe the vinyl with a soft cloth dampened in a solution of mild soap and water. Use the same solution with a soft-bristle brush on more difficult spots. Then spray or wipe on the Dashboard Polish or Thick Dashboard polish to protect the vinyl finishes.
  • Leather Upholstery. To ensure that you enjoy the best possible service from the leather upholstery of your car, it is recommended that all leather surfaces should be cleaned at two monthly intervals. Leather is a natural product with outstanding qualities as an upholstery material, such as durability, comfort and appearance, and if cared for properly, it can compliment the appearance of your car for its entire life.
  • Regular cleaning is the first step to proper leather care, but it is also important to avoid any damage to the surface finish and to take immediate steps to have any accidental damage repaired. Leather Conditioner from MC Laboratories is recommended for the protection of your leather finishes.
  • First wipe leather upholstery with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Exercise particular care when cleaning perforated leather, because the underside of the leather must not be allowed to become wet. Then apply the Leather Conditioner and buff to dry.
  • Windows. Cleaning windows, inside and outside, with Window Cleaner from MC Laboratories is recommended. Spray it on and use a soft cloth or paper towel to clean all glass and clear plastic surfaces.
  • Perfumes. Water based Perfumes are available in indifferent fragrances. The product provides a pleasant fragrance to the interior of the vehicle after the cleaning process is completed. It helps to eliminate unwanted odours from the vehicle and can be sprayed into the ashtray or under the seats and onto the carpets.