Tyres and Wheels Products


Auto Tyre Shine (High gloss-White Silicone)

  • This product is developed for giving the best of both.
  • High shine with dust repellancy.
  • This is a silicone based product with dust repellants.

Chassis Black / Tyre paint (Water Based)

  • For the painting of under-bodies of vehicles or onto tyres for a matt black finish.
  • It can be sprayed on or painted with a brush.
  • The product dries quickly to produce a durable, water resistant, matt finish.
  • Over-spray can be removed with water.
  • The product is Non-flammable.
  • The brush can be cleaned with water

Silicone Sheen – (Oil based High gloss-Wet look)

  • For the polishing and protection of tyres and all exterior plastic components of a vehicle, ie rubber window trims, plastic door panels, ABS bumpers, rubber engine hoses, front grills etc.
  • This product can also be used for interior items, ie dashboards, consoles, door panels etc.
  • However dashboard polish (perfumed) may be preferred here.

Waterbased Tyre Shine

  • Waterbased, for all rubber and plastic trimmings

Tyre Gel Black

  • A black gel, developed to give shine to tyres and black bumpers
  • With the additional benefit of buffing the product after drying for more shine

Tyre Gel Clear

  • A cost effective clear gel, developed to give shine to tyres and black bumpers

Mag wheel cleaner

  • For the removal of brake dust and carbon deposits on coated mags.